3 Recommendations – Given the Current UK Funding Environment

With limited funding for cycling, how can you work together with local and national partners to continue encouraging cycling in 2016?

The Spending Review

When the Comprehensive Spending Review was announced in late November, the news for cycling in England wasn’t the greatest. Essentially a 58% cut in Department for Transport funding for cycling. Just £1.58 per person in England, well below the £10 per person as recommended in the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report.

There will be more announcements in the New Year, especially with regard to the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS), however, in the meantime we need to keep moving.

So with limited funds… what can we all do?

Here Are Three Recommendations on How to Work Together

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1) Bring everyone to the table

Bring together partners from public health, the private sector, transportation, air quality, environment, and cycling advocates.

This means that you can pool the financial and human resources that you do have available for cycling promotion locally and together do a cycling project that will have an impact.


2) Take advantage of National Programmes

For example, the UK National Cycle Challenge and Cycle to Work Day are ideal programmes that you can promote locally. They’re existing campaigns with marketing materials and promotional tools that you can easily send around to your local cycling and business communities and get a result.

They’re also already being promoted by Cyclescheme, CTC, Love to Ride and others, so piggy backing on this existing promotion makes a lot of sense.

3) Only consider projects that deliver excellent value for money

With the budget that you do have (or which can be pulled together from local partners), make sure that your cycling projects are getting outstanding value for money.

For example, the cost to develop your own local campaign from scratch will be considerably higher than rolling out an existing, proven project. Once again the UK National Cycle Challenge and Cycle to Work Day have so much built into them – in terms of resources, tools and functionality – that for a relatively small budget, you can get a significant return on your investment.

What we’re doing at Love to Ride

With the current funding situation, we’re doing a number of things at Love to Ride to continue working with our local partners across the UK to encourage cycling. Read more about it here.



What We Are Doing To Maximise Available Funding

With the current funding situation, we’re doing a number things at Love to Ride to continue working with our local partners across the UK to encourage cycling:

a) We’re bringing different local parties together to pool financial and human resources

b) Flexible budgets to work with Love to Ride – we’re able to offer local partners a range of budget levels, from £0-50k. So whatever budget is available, our local partners can still gain the benefits of having the UK National Cycle Challenge and Love to Ride run in their area.

c) Working with the private sector – we’ve developed a corporate product so that companies large and small can have their own Love to Ride site, cycling encouragement programme, incentives, data, reporting, etc. They’ll pay to get these benefits and thus help to contribute to us providing Love to Ride to the world.

If you’re going to do one cycling encouragement project in 2016…

It makes sense to make it the UK National Cycle Challenge. Find all of the details here.

The 2016 National Cycle Challenge is Coming

2016 UK Cycle Challenge

Success in 2015

After the success of the inaugural National Cycle Challenge in 2015, we are very pleased to announce that the National Cycle Challenge will be back in 2016 to get more people in the UK to discover how easy and enjoyable riding a bike can be.

Going Bigger in 2016

In 2016, we want to get every city, town and region to use the Challenge as a tool to achieve their local cycling targets.

Year Round Programme

This year, the Challenge will run for the entire month of June, however the behaviour change process within Love to Ride continues working after the Challenge ends.

We’re launching a host of features to continue engaging people and encouraging them to ride. These include monthly prizes, badges, and enhanced community features (follow friends, stories, improved gallery, etc).

We will also be continuing to communicate with people throughout the year, and encouraging them to take part in local bike events and national campaigns like Cycle to Work Day.

New Improvements

We’re making a host of improvements to the Love to Ride platform and Challenge in 2016, including:

  • Connecting Apps – Love to Ride already integrates Strava and Moves but we will be syncing with more apps (Endomondo, Garmin, Map My Ride)
  • Badges – people can win all kinds of badges to encourage and incentivise them to continue to ride
  • Stories – we have a host of success stories and tips to help motivate others

What We have Planned for 2016 Video

Check out this short 2 minute video outlining the new features we’re launching:

This video was shot in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, (that’s why it’s so darn sunny!) where Love to Ride Founder Thomas Stokell is now based to expand Love to Ride across the Americas.

What Local Partners Gain

Organisations who partner with the National Cycle Challenge get:

A campaign to get more people cycling

  • Local business engagement
  • Local rider engagement
  • A behaviour change programme to get new people riding and existing riders riding more often for transport
  • Marketing materials
  • Participant emails
  • Press releases
  • National prizes and Incentives


  • GPS Data – showing where people are riding (not just the regular riders, but also occasional and new riders too)
  • Baseline survey data
  • Follow-up survey data
  • Website usage data
  • Trip data (number of trips, distance, trip purpose)

Communications Channel

  • A database to promote your cycling initiatives to
  • Add messages and content to your local Love to Ride website
  • Include messages in the participant emails

An Inclusive Programme

Whatever your budget is, your city/town/region can take advantage of the National Cycle Challenge to get more people riding. There are 4 levels of budget:

Freemium – £0
Option 2 – £5,000 – 10,000
Option 3 – £10,000-20,000
Option 4 – £20,000-50,0000

If you have a limited budget and resources to put towards cycling in 2016, the National Challenge makes a lot of sense and is a great value for your money.

If you are going to do one thing for cycling in your area for this upcoming year, the National Cycle Challenge has proven to be great value and gives you tremendous reach for your investment.

Find Out more!

2016 UK Cycle Challenge

Download the National Cycle Challenge guide here

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Atlanta, Georgia Case Study Video

A short video on our work in Atlanta, Georgia. In it, the Atlanta Regional Commission (MPO) and Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (local bicycle advocacy) talk about their experiences of running a Bike Challenge and the results they’ve achieved with different models.

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