How we do what we do…

Behaviour change

To be effective at getting more people to take up riding, it’s essential to understand behaviour change theory and the best strategies for influencing people’s behaviour.  We have developed a behaviour change framework specifically for how we can get more people riding.

Heart-wheelOur whole team is committed to having a high level of understanding of behaviour change theory and application.  We hold a weekly meeting called ’17 minutes of behaviour change’ where we each take turns exploring a new behaviour change principle and teaching it to the group.

When we design new features and campaigns, we do so with our behaviour change framework at the core.


Evidence, data, measurement

We want to ensure that what we do is as effective as possible. Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.44.03 pm That’s why we measure the effectiveness of all the features, pages, content on Love to Ride.  By observing how people are using Love to Ride, we know what is working and not working, and we can continually improve.



Ride for LeisureYou might have also noticed, that when you are enjoying what you are doing, you apply more yourself, are more relaxed, more creative and are happier with life here on this wonderful planet.

There’s a saying “If you make a behaviour ‘easy, popular and fun’ you’ll get more people doing that behaviour.”  Having fun permeating through Love to Ride also makes us more effective at changing behavior.


Working Smarter and Harder

We want to achieve a big vision and so we focus on being a high performance team. We know that we can achieve more if we work smarter first and then work harder.Smarty-Pants

It’s a common tendency among people who want to do an outstanding job, to work hard, but before we do that, we take the time to ensure that we are working smarter, using systems and finding solutions that will scale and multiply our efforts.



We are a team aligned in our mission – to get 1 million more people riding all over the world.

Tell a Friend
The team working towards this mission is huge and includes our local and global staff, partners, cities, advocacy organisations, funders and businesses, as well as individual riders.  We share our ideas and plans, ask for feedback and exchange lessons learned.

We believe…

We believe that life is much better when we feel happy, healthy, energized and connected to the people and places around us.  We believe riding a bike has so many benefits to us individually, to our communities and our world.

We know how good it feels to ride and we want more people to experience this feeling too.

Love to Ride makes it easy and fun for us to encourage our friends, co-workers and community to ride.

If you want more people to discover and experience all the benefits of riding, then join us in achieving our mission to encourage one million more people to take up riding.

Now read about ‘How’ we do what we do.

Starting with ‘Why?’

We watched this excellent TED talk by Simon Sinek recently.

It got us thinking about:

  • Why we do what we do
  • How we do it
  • What we do

In that order (the order is important).

Gathering our team both physically and virtually on skype we explored our ‘why’ and our ‘how’.

And here are the fruits of our thinking:

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