2011 Results

To date, we’ve run 36 Cycle Challenges – attracting more than 66,000 people to take part from 2,900 organisations. Around half of those who took part in our Challenges in 2011 were non- and occasional cyclists (30% and 19% respectively). Read on to see how our Challenge programme changes people’s behaviour, getting more people cycling, more often.

Here is a summary of headline outcomes against our three main objectives,
across all 2011 activity:

1. Getting non-cyclists to take up cycling

  • 40% of non-cyclists now cycle at least once a week.

“Cycling kick-started the motivation I needed to return to a healthier lifestyle.”
– Mick: Non-Cyclist, University of Leicester, Leicester Shire

2. Getting occasional cyclists to start cycling regularly

  • 43% of occasional cyclists now cycle at least two days a week.

“It was a great way to get me cycling and I now save about £70 a week on petrol. I have met lots of new people and even took part in a 60 mile sportive – before the Challenge I didn’t think I could even cycle 9 miles!”
– Cari: Occasional Cyclist, Elsevier Ltd, Oxfordshire

3. Getting more people to cycle for transport purposes

  • 31% of non-cyclists now cycle to work at least once a week.
  • 32% of existing cyclists who didn’t commute now cycle to work at least once a week

“I felt a huge sense of achievement and it helps with the petrol cost.”
– Tiffany: Non-Cyclist, Ordnance Survey, Southampton

The above Challenge statistics are based on participant surveys carried out before participating in a Challenge in 2011 and three months after.

For specific information on each Challenge, check out Case Studies.

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