What our partners say

“Changing habits and behaviour is a notoriously difficult nut to crack. The Workplace Cycle Challenge targets the right people and genuinely encourages behavioural change in a fun and accessible way.”

John Nicklin – Senior Air Pollution Officer, Lewes District Council

“The Cycle Challenge provided us with an easy access, popular and hugely effective tool that has been taken up with massive enthusiasm by Leicester businesses. CTC Challenge for Change has been very responsive to local need, provide great value for money and are a constructive delivery partner.”

Andy Salkeld – Cycling Co-ordinator, Leicester City Council

“York especially benefited from the number of new cyclists the Challenge created. The results and feedback from the project evaluation report have helped to inform and steer other cycling work in the city… Since Challenge for Change has been in York, they have made further improvements to their Challenges; they are continually developing one of the best workplace engagement projects we have seen.”

Graham Titchener – Programme Manager, Cycling City York

 “The Southampton Cycle Challenge has raised the profile of cycling within our workplace and given staff ‘permission’ to challenge others who don’t cycle. The results are far better than expected; the second year Challenge provided new cyclists with an added prompt to try cycling to work. The Cycle Challenge shows that you don’t have to wear lycra to be an active traveller!”

Wendy Hislop – Health Improvement Manager, Solent NHS Trust


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